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Carl Bayley is Taxcafe's Editor and is widely regarded as one of the best tax writers in the country. Carl is an expert at translating tax into "English" and all of his tax guides are packed with easy to follow examples and lots of practical tax planning tips.

You can browse his tax planning books on this page of the Taxcafe website:

Carl Bayley

Carl Bayley is a chartered accountant by training and is a member of the governing council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He is also vice chairman of the Institute's tax faculty.

Carl's How to Save Property Tax is one of the most popular tax books in the UK and is essential reading for all buy-to-let property investors. Taxcafe has been publishing this tax book for over 10 years and it is widely regarded as the tax bible for property investors and buy to let landlords.

Carl's other popular property tax book is Using a Property Company to Save Tax. This guides examines all the pros and cons of setting up your own property company to house your property investments. Corporation tax is a lot lower than income tax and as a result it is possible to boost your income by around 40% by using a company.

Carl is also the author of How to Avoid Inheritance Tax, Taxcafe's comprehensive guide to avoiding the dreaded grave robbers' tax. This guide tells you everythng you need to know about IHT, from making tax-free gifts to family memebers to using complex structures like trusts.

Carl Bayley is not just a property tax specialist. He is also an expert in the area of business tax planning and has written several books on the subject, including Small Business Tax Saving Tactics.

This book is a must read if you are self employed. It contains a huge number of practical tax planning ideas, from employing your spouse and children, to buying cars and equipment for your business, claiming a tax deduction for all your travel costs (even if there's a bit of holiday involved) and making your borrowings more tax efficient.

To browse all of Carl's guides please click this link: Carl Bayley Tax Guides


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