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Corporation Tax: Using a Company More Attractive Than Ever
The main rate of corporation tax is to be reduced by 1% per year until April 2014, down to just 24%. Owners of smaller companies will
Directors Expenses: Tax Deductible Expenses for Directors
Company directors are subject to extra conditions when considering which tax deductible expenses they can claim.
Case Study: How to Avoid CGT when You Sell a Property
Here we will cover an interesting property capital gains tax scenario that covers lots of important tax planning issues for CGT.
Tax Deductions: Maximise Your Tax Relief with Hire Purchase
Lease or buy? An important choice when acquiring new equipment for your business. Here's how you can maximise your tax relief.
Business Premises: Personal Ownership vs Company Ownership
Many business owners choose to buy business premises personally rather than have their company buy the property. Why?
Property Tax Planning for Investors: Year-End Planning
Reduced capital gains have plagued property investors in recent years. Here are some effective year-end property tax planning tips.
Deathbed Tax Planning: Capital Gains Tax vs Inheritance Tax
When assets pass to another person on death, they may or may not be subject to Inheritance Tax but are generally exempt from CGT.
The Tax Gap: Our Government's Underpaid Tax Claim
HMRC make a lot of noise about the UK ‘tax gap’ – all underpaid taxes they claim amount to £35 billion a year. I take issue with this
The Definitive Guide to Furnished Holiday Lettings
For many years furnished holiday lettings have enjoyed the best of all worlds, but now it is more difficult for properties to qualify.
Tax Shelters: Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
What makes VCTs attractive is the double tax relief: when you put your money in AND when you take it out.
Year End Tax Planning for Property Investors
With interest rates so low, most property investors are now making rental profits. Will you be sheltered from tax this year?
Capital Contributions on Company Cars
This article explains how businesses can make substantial tax savings by making capital contributions towards company cars.
Deed of Variation - Drawbacks
Here we take a close look at the deed of variation. Though a valuable tool, it does have a number of drawbacks to consider.
How to Save Tax on Investment Income
Some investments are more tax efficient than others. In this article, we will look at ways to shelter such investments from the taxman.
Higher-Rate Tax Relief on Pension Contributions
Higher-rate tax relief on pension contributions will not be withdrawn and those who earn over £150k will have full tax relief restored.
Non-Resident Tax Planning: The New Statutory Residence Test
Where do you stand when it comes to paying UK tax? We take a look at how the new Statutory Residence Test works in practise.
Annual Investment Allowance: Cashback on Capital Expenditure
Most businesses are entitled to 100% tax relief for qualifying capital expenditure of up to £50,000 per year.
Putting Off Pension Saving: Benefits & Drawbacks
In this article Nick Braun, author of 'Pension Magic' explains why you may benefit from delaying your pension contributions.
Director's Dividends
If your company is producing healthy profits, you may want to increase the amount of income you take as dividends.
How to Pay Tax at 10% on Interest Income
Company directors, even those with very high incomes, can end up paying just 10% tax on interest income. Here we show you how.
Stamp Duty on Property: Beware the Trap
Married couples often transfer properties and other assets to each other to save tax, but make sure you are aware of the traps.
Tax-Free Assets: Developing Your Home
Increase your tax-free profits by developing your greatest tax-free asset - your home.
Employers: Compulsory Pension Contributions
Complusory pension contributions will mean that employers must set up pension arrangements for all employees and make contributions of at least 3% of pay. Find out what this means for your business.
Pension Contributions: You or the Company?
Pension contribution are a bit like additional tax-free salary, only you can’t get your hands on the money immediately. We take a look at whether you or your company should make the payments.
Who Should Own Business Premises - You or the Company?
An important decision for company owners is whether to buy the property personally or through the company. Similar issues also face business partners. Here we look at the tax benefits and drawbacks.
How to Become a Tax Exile - Non-Resident Tax Planning
A non-resident may be able to avoid both UK income tax and capital gains tax. Find out what it takes to become a tax exile.
Capital Gains Tax: Basic Rate Planning
Article: The amount of capital gains tax you pay depends on income earned during the tax year as well as upon the size of the gain itself.
How to Save Tax with Directors Loans
Article: Take money out of the business tax efficiently by borrowing from your company instead of taking regular taxable income.
Introduction to the New Capital Gains Tax Rules
Article: For most property and share investors, capital gains tax is set to become more costly and more complicated.
Retirement Planning: Good News For Your Pension Pot
Article: The Government has just announced new rules that will make pensions even more attractive from the start of the new tax year.
Should You Use a Company to Save Tax?
Article: This is one of the most important questions asked by business owners. We take a look at the tax benefits and drawbacks.
Employers: Spotlight on the RTI (Real Time Information) Scheme
Article: The method of reporting PAYE and National Insurance is set to change dramatically for all employers with the new RTI scheme.
Company Profit Extraction - Salary vs Dividends
Article: Find out the latest position on how to extract profits from your company tax efficiently - salary or dividends?
Property Tax - How to Claim a Bigger Interest Deduction
Article: The biggest expense faced by most property investors is interest. Here we cover how to claim the maximum tax deduction.
How Company Directors Can Claim Home Office Expenses
Article: Director's expenses generally have to be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the purposes of the employment.
Capital Allowances: Integral Features, Fixtures & Fittings
Article: Many fixtures and fittings qualify for an immediate 100% tax write off under the capital allowances rules.
Tax Planning for Non-Domiciled Individuals
Article: Non-domiciled individuals enjoy special tax treatment - they don’t have to pay UK tax on their overseas income and capital gains.
Property Investment via a Trading Company
In this article, we look at some of the advantages of property investing through a company, as well as pitfalls to watch out for.
UK Corporation Tax Rates 2014 (Taxcafe)
Our annual expert analysis of the new and current UK corporation tax rates, and how they will affect your business.
Stamp Duty Land Tax: Averaging Relief
Article: A new averaging relief will soon be available to reduce the amount of Stamp Duty Land Tax on property purchases.
Corporation Tax: Are Two Companies Better Than One?
Article: Is it possible to pay less corporation tax by splitting your existing company up in to two separate companies?
Declaring New Sources of Untaxed Income
Article: How to pay less tax by carefully choosing when to declare new sources of business income.
Business Property: Is It Better to Rent or Buy Premises?
Article: Our property tax experts take a look at the tax benefits and drawbacks of both renting and buying business property.
How to Claim a Bigger Tax Deduction for Subsistence
Article: Most business owners incur subsistence expenditure, but it can be one of the most difficult areas of tax to deal with.
How to Make Tax-Free Loans to Company Directors
Article: Loans to company directors do have tax consequences, but it is possible to mitigate the damage if you understand the rules.
How to Claim a Bigger Tax Deduction for Staff Entertaining
Article: Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; now’s the time to plan a company party, and maybe even save a little tax.
Furnished Holiday Lets: Proposed Changes
Article: Furnished holiday lets enjoy a beneficial tax regime with many advantages - but big change is on the horizon.
Stamp Duty Land Tax: The Holiday is Over
Article: Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday is coming to an end, and urgent action is required to minimise SDLT.
Transfer of Business Shares: Enjoy Huge Tax Savings
Article: Many company owners are able to make huge tax savings by passing part of their business to their spouse or partner.
Capital Allowances: Prepare for Big Changes
Article: Find out how the proposed drastic reduction to capital allowances will affect your business.
Converting Income into Capital Gains
Article: Despite recent government changes, it is still possible to convert heavily taxed income into leniently taxed capital gains.
Pensions: Higher-Rate Tax Relief is Here to Stay
Article: Higher-rate tax relief on pension contributions are here to stay, and likely to be extended to more people.
Pensions vs ISAs
Article: Both pensions and ISAs allow your money to grow tax-free within the fund, but which is better?
Tax Relief on Trading Losses
Article: Under a temporary facility, businesses may carry back trading losses over a three year period rather than the usual twelve months.
Capital Gains Tax: Make Hay While Sun Shines
Article: With CGT at such a low rate and likely set to rise, make the most of it while you can before the increase.
An Often Overlooked Tax Concession for Property Investors
Article: Rental losses are carried forwarded until you start making profits. There is, however, an important exception to this rule
Transferring Income to a Spouse or Partner to Save Tax
Article: Most business owners have some scope to effectively transfer part of their own income to their spouse or partner to save tax.
Isle of Man Tax Haven: Cut Your Tax Bill by 50%
Article: The Isle of Man is a tax haven situated just 40 miles from the British mainland, and it welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms.
How to Claim a Bigger Property Repairs Deduction
Article: Repairs expenditure is generally eligible for full tax relief. New purchases, however, attract tax relief at a variety of different rates.
How Your Children Can Help You Save Tax
Article: Most parents know what a strain children put on your finances, but they can also generate substancial tax savings for you.
The Autumn Statement: Good News on the Tax Front
Article: There are a number of things that business owners can cheer about on the tax front from this year's Autumn Statement.
Tax-free Employee Benefits: Sports & Fitness
Article: Small business owners may be surprised to learn that they can claim fitness & sporting activities for employees against tax.
Capital Allowances: Business Vehicles & Company Cars
Article: The new capital allowances regime for cars and other vehicles used in business could alter your tax bill by thousands of pounds.
Tax Deductions: Qualifying Loan Interest
Article: Small business owners often borrow money personally and loan it to their business - claim tax relief on the interest.
Top Ten Forgotten or Missed Tax Deductions
Article: Dont miss out on claiming all your tax deductions. Our top ten most missed deductions could save you thousands.



Dividend Basics: Salary or Dividend
Many company directors pay themselves a small tax-free salary and take the rest of their income as dividends.
Business Structures: LLPs
Limited Liability Partnerships provide some very good tax planning opportunities for those whose business is classed as a ‘profession’.
How to Pay Less Tax with a Property Company
“Should I use a property company?” Answering this question is far from simple as it involves many factors, not all of which relate to tax.
Business Tax: Research & Development Deduction
Article: You can claim an extra tax deduction for any costs incurred by your business for R&D - as long as you fit the qualifying conditions.
How Part-time Businesses Are Taxed
Article: Part-time and full-time businesses are taxed in much the same way, but there are a few important differences to be aware of.