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Motoring Expenses: How to Increase Your Tax Deduction
Article: How to get your company car tax planning right and enjoy thousands of pounds of additional tax relief every year.
Business Year-End Tax Planning: Changing Accounting Date
Article: Most businesses can change their accounting date every six years - find out how this can save you thousands in tax.
Unmarried Couples: Transferring Property to Save Tax (CGT)
Article: Unmarried couples and civil partners can also pay less capital gains tax by transferring property to a partner.
Landlord Tax Planning & Advice
Article: Landlords can save thousands in income tax and capital gains tax with judicious tax planning.
Landlord Tax Guide & Books
Taxcafe publishes several highly respected tax guides for landlords and buy to let investors.
Landlord Tax Deductions & Allowances
Landlords can claim a huge number of deductions and allowances to reduce their income tax bills.
Property Tax Planning: Buying Property for Children
Article: Tax savings are possible when parents buy property for their minor children, though it can get complicated.
Using a Trust to Save Tax & Protect Your Wealth
Article: Many parents prefer to keep any capital growth in their child’s student home, or at least defer the day that the child gains control.
Transfer Part of Your Business and Enjoy Huge Tax Savings
Article: Many company owners are able to make huge tax savings by passing part of their business to their spouse or partner.
Business Property Relief: Don't Give Away 40% of Your Business
Article: Make sure you don’t make one of the common errors that could lead to the loss of your business property relief (BPR).
Property Investors: Convert Income to Capital Gains
Article: Property investors can convert heavily taxed rental income into lightly taxed capital gains by borrowing for further investment.
Tax Planning: Companies vs Sole Traders & Partnerships
Article: Using a company could save you thousands of pounds in tax every year, especially if you are reinvesting your profits.
Good News for Furnished Holiday Lets
Article: The recent Budget brought some good news for furnished holiday lets with improved capital allowances and tax relief.
Business Motoring: Scrappage Scheme & Company Cars
Article: The Government's car scrappage scheme - is it of any real value to businesses and what are the tax consequences?
Tax Planning: Accelerating Expenses & Deferring Income
Article: We take a detailed look at a variety of year-end tax planning strategies, like accelerating expenses & deferring income.
Employee Tax Planning: Benefits in Kind
Article: If a benefit-in-kind can provide an overall tax saving then both the employee and the employer may benefit.
Capital Allowances in HMOs
Article: Landlords owning HMOs (house in multiple occupancy) may be due a large refund from HMRC for capital allowances.
Buy to Let Tax Advice Guide
Article: Read How to Save Property Tax if you're a buy to let investor and want to pay less tax on your buy to let income and capital gains.
Pensions are Still Powerful Tax Shelters
Article: Despite the Government’s clampdown on contributions made by high earners, pensions are still great tax shelters.
Reduce Your Business Rates: Commercial Property
Article: Business tax rates on commercial property are higher than council tax would be for an identical property - what can be done?
New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO) for Offshore Income
Article: We look at the New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO) for those with undeclared income or gains from overseas sources.
How Your Children Can Save You Capital Gains Tax
Article: When your children reach 18, they're each entitled to their own principal private residence for Capital Gains Tax purposes.
Companies: New Filing Deadlines & Penalties
Article: Don't let the new Companies House filing deadlines and increased penalties catch you out.
Below Market Value (BMV) Property
Article: There are many ways to pick up below market value (bmv) properties, including property auctions and even estate agents.
Property Owners: Beat the CGT Increase
Article: Property owners may be considering selling off properties or transferring them to family members, trusts or companies.