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By "Property Tax" we mean the main taxes that affect property investors: income tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty. The following property tax advice guides are extremely popular with landlords and other property investors:


 This unique and comprehensive guide is essential reading if you want to protect your property income & capital gains from the taxman.
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 This guide tells you absolutely everything you need to know about using a company to invest in property. There have been many important tax changes in the last 18 months and these are all covered in the latest edition. Click here


 Tax relief on buy-to-let mortgages is being reduced over the next four years. This guide explains what you can do to beat the tax increase.

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A recent change means non-residents now have to pay capital gains tax when they sell their UK residential properties - however, gains that accrued before 6 April 2015 remain completely tax free! Click here

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Listen to Nick Braun, Taxcafe's Managing Director, provide a brief overview of what's contained in each of our property tax guides. Click here

Other Property Investment Guides

Student Property Investment

This unique book tells you everything you need to know about building a highly profitable student property portfolio.
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