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Welcome to Taxcafe, the award-winning publisher of Plain English tax planning guides. Since 1999 we have been helping businesses and families pay less capital gains tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax and other taxes:

Corporation Tax & Business Tax

Tax guides for company owners and self-employed business owners, including Using a Company to Save Tax and Small Business Tax Saving Tactics.

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Property Tax

Here you will find our bestselling tax guides for property investors and landlords, including How to Save Property Tax and Using a Property Company to Save Tax.

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Capital Gains Tax

We have a whole range of unique tax guides to help you pay less capital gains tax on your property and share investments and when selling a business.
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 This guide covers all the major tax planning measures available to help you save income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax during the current tax year. A FREE copy of this guide comes with all Taxcafe purchases. Click here

Inheritance Tax

 How to Save Inheritance Tax will help you protect your family from the grave robbers tax. It covers simple and advanced tax planning techniques and contains dozens of useful examples. Click here

Offshore Tax

We've just published a new edition of our bestselling guide Non-Resident & Offshore Tax Planning. Find out how the new Statutory Residence Test works and how non-residents and non-doms can pay less income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Click here

Personal Tax

Guides to help you maximise tax relief on pension contributions, protect your child benefit payments and reduce inheritance tax.
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About Taxcafe

Meet our team of experts and read the latest Taxcafe news. Here you will also find our contact details and other useful help pages to answer any queries.
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