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Salary versus Dividends

Paying yourself dividends can be an effective way of reducing your tax liability when extracting funds from a limited company.  Many company directors opt to pay themselves a modest salary, which is then topped up by company dividends.

By getting the optimal mix of salary and dividends directors of limited companies could save potentially thouands each year. It's also possible in certain circumstances to pay yourself rental income and interest income and these types of income can be the most tax efficient of all. Taxcafe's title "Salary versus Dividends" is an indispensable resource for company directors.  Packed full of unique information on how dividends are taxed and how to time your dividends, you will learn how to easily extract funds from your company in the most tax efficient way possible.

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It is a must read for anyone running their business through a limited company.

The guide is supported throughout with clear examples.

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