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PAGES:  249
EDITION:  11th
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Pension Magic

How to Make the Taxman Pay for Your Retirement

By Nick Braun PhD

Pension Magic shows you how to build a big retirement pot by securing thousands of pounds of extra tax relief on your pension contributions.

The 11th edition was published in April 2021 and is completely up to date. It contains full details of ALL the major pension changes that have taken place in recent times.

Pension Magic is written in plain English with dozens of real-life examples. It is essential reading for:

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The March 2021 Budget

Higher-Rate Tax Relief

There were fears the Government would scrap higher-rate tax relief, which allows savers to enjoy 40% tax relief on their pension contributions.

Fortunately no announcement was made, so we can continue to enjoy this valuable tax relief...for now.

The Government did announce that the income tax higher-rate threshold (currently £50,270) will remain frozen for the next five years. This means that, as your income rises, more and more of it will be taxed at 40%.

The upside is that you can beat this tax increase by making bigger pension contributions. Pension Magic explains how to maximise your higher-rate tax relief... and in some cases enjoy more than 40% tax relief.

The Lifetime Allowance

The Government also announced that the lifetime allowance (the total amount you can save in pensions) will remain fixed at 1,073,100 for the next five years. This guide contains a whole chapter on the lifetime allowance, showing why it is not a threat to most pension savers.

Corporation Tax Increase

One of the biggest announcements was an increase in the corporation tax rate from 19% to 25% in April 2023.

Pension Magic explains how you will be able to beat this tax increase by getting your company to make pension contributions. In many cases company owners will be able to pay themselves pension contributions which will eventually be taxed at no more than 15%, compared with dividends that may face a combined tax rate of 50% (income tax and corporation tax).

What Information is Contained in the Guide?

Subjects covered include:

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About the Author

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Dr Nick Braun founded Taxcafe in 1999. Over the past 21 years the company has become one of the UK's best-known tax publishers and has won several prestigious business awards. Nick has been a specialist tax writer since 1989, first in South Africa where he edited the monthly Tax Breaks publication and since 1999 in the UK, where he has authored several tax books. Nick also has a PhD in economics from the University of Glasgow where he was awarded the prestigious William Glen scholarship and later became a Research Fellow.

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