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At Taxcafe we have several tax planning guides for company owners and self employed people:

For Company Owners:

Putting It Through the Company answers one of the most frequently asked tax planning questions: “Can I get my company to pay for it?” The guide takes a detailed look at dozens of business tax deductions your company can claim.

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This guide shows you how to save thousands in tax by paying yourself the best mix of salary and dividends, rental income and interest. Also covers paying income to family members, directors loans, company pension contributions and other profit extraction techniques.

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This guide shows you how to enjoy much more TAX-FREE interest income. It's essential reading for all individuals, landlords, company owners and other business owners who want to earn more interest income and pay very little or no tax on that income.

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This guide covers the four major tax changes affecting company owners: the corporation tax increase, the 130% Super Deduction, the generous new rules for losses and the increase in income tax on dividends. Important reading for ALL company owners.

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For Sole Traders & Partnerships:

Essential reading for all self-employed business owners (sole traders and partnerships). Covers pretty much all the expenses you can claim, plus lots of other tax saving ideas. Like all our guides, every important point is illustrated with a clear example.

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