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PAGES: 293
EDITION:  21st
ISBN:  9781911020530

Salary versus Dividends

& Other Tax Efficient Profit Extraction Strategies

By Dr Nick Braun PhD

Salary versus Dividends is essential reading for ALL company owners and directors.

The 21st edition has just been published (April 2020) and is completely up to date.

Written in plain English with dozens of examples, this unique guide shows you how to save thousands of pounds in tax every year by choosing the best mix of salary and dividends.

It also shows you how to slash your tax bill further by paying yourself rent and interest and using directors' loans, company pension contributions and other powerful profit extraction strategies.

Company owners can enjoy additional tax savings by 'smoothing' their income or varying it from year to year ('roller-coaster income'). This guide shows you how to use these strategies to avoid paying too much tax each year.

The Coronavirus Crisis - How it Affects Company Owners

The latest edition of Salary versus Dividends contains a brand new section to help company owners cope with the coronavirus crisis. Subjects covered include:

  • Whether company directors can be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme
  • Possible future tax increases that may affect company owners
  • How the coronavirus crisis affects dividend tax planning
  • Why some company owners should take as much dividend income as possible this year
  • How some company owners can take a smaller dividend this year and bigger one next year
  • ... and still pay less tax overall!
  • The importance of having sufficient distributable profits before declaring dividends
  • Why some company owners should consider postponing pension contributions
  • How company owners can borrow from their companies with very little tax cost
  • How to receive tax-free interest when you lend money to your company
  • Employing children and paying them tax-free salaries while they're off school/university

What Information is Contained in the Guide?

Subjects covered include:

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About the Author

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Dr Nick Braun founded Taxcafe in 1999. Over the past 20 years the company has become one of the UK's best-known tax publishers and has won several prestigious business awards. Nick has been a specialist tax writer since 1989, first in South Africa where he edited the monthly Tax Breaks publication, and since 1999 in the UK, where he has authored several tax books. Nick also has a PhD in economics from the University of Glasgow, where he was awarded the prestigious William Glen scholarship and later became a Research Fellow.


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