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Directors Dividends Tax Planning Guide

Directors dividends can be an efficient way of extracting funds from your limited company.

As a director of your company, working out how best to pay yourself in order to pay the minimum amount of tax is essential and could end up saving you and your company a fortune.

When paying directors dividends, it is essential to make the correct choice between salary or bonus and dividends.  Taxcafe's popular book "Salary vs Dividends" will tell you everything you to know, including utilising spouses for added tax savings, how to avoid national insurance and how to make use of loan accounts. This excellent tax guide will explain how you should extract funds from your company in the most tax efficient way, by choosing the best mix of salary, bonus and dividends, and is highly recommended reading for anyone running their business through a limited company.

The guide includes detailed plain English examples to explain every tax planning strategy.  Using a unique set of tables generated by Taxcafe's in-house software it has never been easier to optimise your payment structure and how you extract funds from your company.

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