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Capital Gains Tax On Company Share Sales

How to Save CGT When You Sell or Wind Up Your Company

The capital gains tax bill when you sell shares in your company or wind it up can run to tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Fortunately, with careful tax planning the bill can be reduced and there are several CGT reliefs that can be used to achieve this.

These include Business Asset Disposal Relief, Holdover Relief and Rollover Relief.

We at Taxcafe publish a unique guide called Salary versus Dividends.  The main thrust of the book is extracting income from your company, either as salary, dividends, rental income or interest income. The guide also covers the tremendous tax benefits of pension contributions, splitting income with your spouse/partner and children and also explains the capital gains tax consequences of selling shares in your company and winding up the company:

Every aspect is covered in detail, and supported by full examples.  Detailed case studies are used to walk readers through numerous complicated tax situations, and show how to easily and effectively reduce the amount of income tax and capital gains tax payable.

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