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How to Save Inheritance Tax by Carl Bayley FCA

Taxcafe publishes a popular tax planning guide called How to Save Inheritance Tax. The guide covers both simple and more advanced IHT planning. It tells you absolutely everything you need to know about using trusts to save inheritance tax.

You'll find out all about the different types of trust, such as discretionary trusts, interest in possession trusts, relevant property trusts etc, their inheritance tax treatment, how assets can be transferred into trust, ten-year anniversary charges, exit charges, what happens when the settlor dies and the income tax treatment of trusts.

There's also a chapter on more advanced planning with trusts.

Trust taxation is just one of the topics covered in the guide. It also covers a wide range of other topics such as Business Property Relief, the interaction between capital gains tax and inheritance tax, IHT planning and the family home, family investment companies and lifetime transfers.

The guide is written in plain English and contains dozens of detailed examples.

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