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Capital Gains Tax on Second Homes

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If you're looking for information about the capital gains tax treatment of second homes, our bestselling guide How to Save Property Tax tells you everything you need to know.

For example, the guide contains a detailed explanation of how to make main residence elections in favour of your second home and how to preserve the tax-free status of your main home at the same time. The guide explains how capital gains tax is calculated in the kind of clear language most non-accountants appreciate.  Click the following link to take a closer look at what's contained in the guide:

How to Save Property Tax also contains a wealth of information for landlords and other property investors, including income tax planning (all the expenses you can claim against your rental income) and capital gains tax planning for owner of rental properties. There's also a detailed chapeter on stamp duty land tax planning.

We also have a popular guide on inheritance tax planning called How to Save Inheritance Tax, a subject that is very popular with owners of second homes. Each of Taxcafe's comprehensive guides is written in plain English and packed with interesting easy to follow examples.

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