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Tax in the Isle of Man is in most cases much lower than the tax paid by UK residents. For this reason, many shrewd entrepreneurs and investors are using the Isle of Man as a base. If you live in the Isle of Man you can escape capital gains tax and inheritance tax, income tax is extremely low and the corporation tax rate is 0%!

Taxcafe has published the Isle of Man Tax Saving Guide which explains why tax in the Isle of Man is so attractive. For more information click this link:

It is much easier to move to the Isle of Man than other tax havens such as the Channel Islands and property prices are far more reasonable.

Apart from the low rates of tax in the Isle of Man the Manx Government is opening its arms to business owners and many grants are available.

Taxcafe also publishes another guide which is very popular with those thinking of becoming non-resident: Non Resident and Offshore Tax Planning.

It goes into great detail about all the tax strategies available to non residents and non domiciles and how to go about implementing these strategies with as little hassle as possible.

You can view the full book description by visiting:

All Taxcafe tax guides are written in plain English and are packed with tips and great tax advice. They are updated each year to include any new legislation to ensure that you have the most up to date information available on tax in the Isle of Man.


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Tax in Isle of Man
Tax in Isle of Man
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