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Taper Relief - Inheritance Tax Guide

How to Save Inheritance Tax by Carl Bayley

Both chargeable lifetime transfers and potentially exempt transfers made in the seven-year period prior to death are effectively brought back into the deceasedís estate for IHT purposes. Fortunately, there is some relief when death occurs more than three years after the lifetime transfer.

This relief is known as taper relief and is explained in detail in our bestselling tax planning guide:

How to Save Inheritance Tax

The guide covers a lot of different inheritance tax planning strategies, taper relief is just one section. These include both simple and more advanced IHT planning techniques.

There used to also be a capital gains tax taper relief but this was scrapped some time ago. Taxcafe publishes another guide called How to Save Property Tax which is our most popular guide for landlords and property investors. This guide contains a huge amount of capital gains tax planning information. CGT is just one of the taxes covered in the guide. There's also a lot of income tax planning information (for example all the expenses landlords can claim against their rental income) and a lot of stamp duty land tax planning material.

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