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Stamp Duty Land Tax

How to Avoid Stamp Duty Land Tax

Stamp duty land tax is payable upon the purchase of a property above a certain price bracket.  Depending on the value of the property and it's location, the amount of stamp duty land tax payable may often come to many thousands of pounds.

This is largely an unavoidable duty, but by using certain little knows strategies, it is possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate your stamp duty land tax liability altogether. Click the following link for further information

Many large property developers have been usitilising such strategies for years, and there is no reason why individuals may not also use them to their advantage to reduce stamp duty land tax charges.

The strategies and tips are all explained clearly and in detail in the guide "How to Avoid Stamp Duty".  Written in plain English and supported by examples and case studies, this book will teach you how to reduce or even avoid stamp duty land tax.


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Stamp Duty Land Tax
Stamp Duty Land Tax
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