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Stamp Duty Exempt Areas

Stamp Duty Exempt Areas throughout Britain

Stamp duty exempt areas exist throughout Britain. In exemption areas there is no duty payable when you buy a property.  This exemption is often used as an incentive to entice investors to buy property in areas they would normally steer clear of, such as underprivileged communities.

Taxcafe's guide "How to Save Property Tax" contains a detailed discussion of stamp duty exempt areas and how you can make the most of them. The guide also contains lots of other stamp duty information for property investors including ways to avoid stamp duty when you buy property.

There is also infomration on stamp duty thresholds, commercial stamp duty, stamp duty tenancy agreements,and transfer stamp duty.

Apart from stamp duty exempt areas the guide also contains a huge amount of income tax and capital gains tax planning information that most property investors find invaluable. How to Save Property Tax is widely regarded as the tax bible for property investors.

Follow the link below, or click on the picture to the right to view full details and contents of this Taxcafe Guide:

This guide is kept fully updated following each budget and is written in plain English, as are all Taxcafe tax guides.


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Stamp Duty Exempt Areas
Stamp Duty Exempt Areas
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