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Taxcafe's How to Save Property Tax Guide

If you earn rental income from a portfolio of properties there's a lot you can do to reduce your income tax bill. Most important of all is claiming all the expenses to which you are entitled. There are literally hundreds of expenses you can claim - some big, others small - but they're all important and add up.

The expenses you can claim against your property rental income for tax purposes include repairs, replacement furniture and fittings, the equipment you use in your business, your home office expenses and other admin costs, as well as seminars and books, like the ones published by Taxcafe!

Rental income tax planning has become more important than ever now that the Government is restricting the amount of tax relief you can claim for your rental property mortgage interest.

Taxcafe's bestselling guide How to Save Property Tax tells you absolutely everything you need to know about reducing the income tax bill on your property rental income and is essential reading for:

The guide also contains a huge amount of capital gains tax planning information for those thinking about selling rental properties, as well as stamp duty land tax info.Taxcafe's guides are all written in plain English with lots of examples used to illustrate key points.

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