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Save Tax and Fees with a Property ISA

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The latest information on property tax can be found in our guide: How to Save Property Tax

The Property ISA is fast becoming a very popular choice with investors, as ever more people discover what an exciting investment they are. Traditional bricks and mortar assets are always a sound investment with great returns, but they can be quite inflexible.  After you have purchased the property, you still take on the responsibility of maintaining it, along with paying all the fees and taxes incurred. This can turn out to be surprisingly expensive, as well as stressful.  The Property ISA is an excellent way of investing in property, whilst escaping these restraints and pressures.

Taxcafe's newly published guide on the Property ISA gives an exact and detailed explanation on how such investments are operated and why investors should be getting into the market as soon as possible.  The book weighs up the pros and cons of the Property ISA, as well as comparing them to conventional property investing.

The property ISA operates really quite simply.  Using a self-select ISA (available from many large financial institutions and major stockbrokers) the investor buys shares in property investment companies.  The company purchases properties on behalf of the investor, which are then rented out. Quite often, these are multi-million pound properties, leased by a multitude of reputable tenants.  Monies are collected and all  maintenance is carried out by the property company, so essentially it is all taken care of for you - you just sit back and enjoy the returns.

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