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Property Investment Company

Property Investment Company Tax Guide

Using a property investment company to manage all your property dealings and investments could be an excellent way to minimise your tax bill.  Thousands of pounds in quite unnecessary tax is paid each year by property investors who do not realise they can benefit from much lower corporation tax rates.

Taxcafe publishes a highly acclaimed property investment company book called Using a Property Company to Save Tax. Click the following link for further details: Property Investment Company.

With the correct knowledge, there are lots of ways in which investors can reduce their taxation bills. Taxcafe's guide is full of invaluable information on running a property investment company that could save you thousands.  Click the link for full details and contents:

Whether you will save money by setting up a property investment company depends on what you intend to do with it. A company is ideal if you intend to reinvest your profits. Companies also have lots of non-tax benefits, for example they are very useful when it comes to passing wealth to the next generation.

All of Taxcafe's publications are fully up to date and are written in plain English supported by clear examples.  Our guide on property investment companies contains numerous real-life case studies and tax saving ideas.

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