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Discretionary Trust IHT Planning

How to Save Inheritance Tax with Trusts

Discretionary trusts are used for the purposes of inheritance tax planning. There have been many changes to trust taxation in recent times. However, the latest edition of Taxcafe's How to Save Inheritance Tax guide tells you everything you need to know about IHT planning with trusts.

Many people believe trusts are only for the seriously wealthy, who have complicated financial affairs. This is not necessarily the case. With the freezing of the nil rate band and more people seeing their estates increase in value there is now an even greater need to do inheritance tax (IHT) planning to protect your family from the taxman.

The latest edition of How to Save Inheritance Tax contains comprehensive information on the benefits and drawbacks of using a discretionary trust. The guide also contains lots of other useful IHT planning information, including some simple things you can do to protect your family from the grave robbers' tax. Follow this link to take a look at the guide's contents:

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