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Buy To Let Taxation Guide

A Guide for Property Investors & Landlords

Taxcafe's main guide covering buy to let taxation is How to Save Property Tax. This guide covers income tax planning, capital gains tax planning and stamp duty planning: all the main taxation issues that affect buy to let property investors.

The guide is written buy Carl Bayley, one of the most respected buy to let tax experts in the UK. Carl is a member of the governing council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Taxcafe has been publishing this guide for over 20 years and each year the guide is updated and improved, based on the authors regular dealings with real life buy to let taxation issues.

Taxcafe also publishes several other guides that you may find useful if you are looking for information on buy to let taxation.

These include Using a Property company to Save Tax and How to Save Inheritance Tax.

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Taxcafe also published lots of other tax guides, including guides for sole traders and other self-employed business ownrs and guides for company owners.

We also have a guide called Pension Magic which shows you how to maximise the tax relief on your pension contributions.


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