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Avoiding Tax versus Tax Planning

These days tax avoidance conjurs up aggressive tax saving strategies that are frowned on by HMRC and policymakers. Tax planning, on the other, hand is all about using the existing tax rules to make sure you don't pay unnecessary tax - claiming all the expenses you're entitled to for example.

Taxcafe has a unique range of tax planning guides for anyone wanting to pay less capital gains tax, income tax, inheritance tax or corporation tax.

Anyone looking for plain English information on legally saving tax should read one of these comprehensive yet plain English guides.  Whether you want to find out about paying less tax on property investments, business income, capital gains or an inheritance, Taxcafe has the answers.  To view the entire range of guides, click this link:

All of Taxcafe's publications are regularly updated and written in clear jargon-free English with lots of real-life examples.

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