Using a Property Company to Save Tax

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 Very professional book, recommended
Johnny, 23/07/2018
This is a brilliant book. Very professionally written and also talks about the optimal strategy i.e. fill your basic allowance with personal buy to let income stream and then go the company route.

It aims to give the big picture which is not only regarding the income taxes but one has to consider also inheritance tax, capital gains, director loans, using adult children's tax allowances etc.

Helped me a lot. Get it if you consider company for buy to let.

 Like all TaxCafe books
Dayrider, 29/05/2018
Yet another comprehensive guide on property which aligns to the latest UK tax laws from Carl Bayley. Like all TaxCafe books, this is detailed enough for an accountant, however it is written in a way for the general public to understand. Significant details around the decision-making process to structure your property holdings in a limited company makes this a worth while read and makes this book the tax bible for any UK property investor.

Lynn Bennett, 29/05/2018
Very comprehensive - another excellent book from Tax Café.

 An absolute must for Property Company Tax
SAS600, 26/04/2018
I have been subscribing as a practising Chartered Accountant to TaxCafe publications for some years and found them to be excellent.

The whole area of property tax is a lot more complicated than many laypeople believe, and within the pages of Using A Property Company to Save Tax, the concepts are clearly explained. This will give the reader a firm basis and understanding of the area. You may still require the services of a professional accountant because every taxpayer has individual needs and requirements and the intricacies of tax law cannot be fully explained within 274 pages.

What I particularly liked about the book was the clarity and guidance given. For instance, in respect of the incorporation of existing non-corporate property portfolios into a property company, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding what can and can't be done. There is an overview of various approaches and guidance given as to what will be acceptable to HMRC.

This is really a good read for the property investor using a property company and even a seasoned investor may find new hints within the pages.

 changes in the tax laws and makes it very easy to decide if a company is right for you
K Christian, 25/04/2018
This was a very clear guide to changes in the tax laws and makes it very easy to decide if a company is right for you. Highly recommended.

 The book is very well organised with comprehensive information
Wayne, 24/04/2018
The book is very well organised with comprehensive information about tax considerations from using a property company. As a property investor with properties in personal name and a limited company, it is very helpful to have a reference book on the tax issues so I know what needs discussing with the accountant. The work examples in each section helps to get a clear understanding of how the tax is applied in practice.

 forewarned is forearmed
Matt Ashworth, 20/04/2018
Extremely useful. I find it particularly useful to have some idea of what I'm talking about when in discussion with my accountant. You will always know your situation better than the accountant and, armed with information and advice from this book, will be in a much better position to ask the right questions, and therefore to get the best tax treatment. You can dive in to explore a particular issue without having to wade through the whole thing from start to finish.

 Five Stars
Kathryn Hair, 19/04/2018
Well written simple and easy to understand.

 Ask yourself a simple question
Jonathan Argent, 17/04/2018
Ask yourself a simple question – are you either a property investor or are you about to become one? If the answer is yes to either of those two you cannot seriously be without a copy of this guide. Highly informative and exceptionally well presented. I can almost guarantee that you will save the purchase price of this book a hundred-fold if you follow the advice offered. I suspect that unless your accountant is a specialist in this field they would not be able to advise you to anywhere near this level. Do not hesitate just buy it.

 Brilliant book which covers every single aspect of Property Tax
Jerome, 12/01/2018
Brilliant book which covers every single aspect of Property Tax in great detail but in an easy to understand manner. This is essential reading for anyone who currently invests in property or is considering doing so.

 Easy to read excellent book!
Aiadi, 09/10/2017
Excellent book! Really easy to read and the way the chapters are arranged makes it easy to dip into it to find answers when you need them. Explains tax calculations using examples and easy to understand language! I bought the book with the intention of trying to find out whether I need to set up a company to save tax, but have decided not to set up a company just yet. I am off to look at the other books in the range now!

 Essential reading for all levels of property investor.
firmbutfair, 11/10/2017
Anyone within, or thinking of getting into property investment or trading of any kind should read this guide, ideally before they begin. Packed with useful tips and tricks borne out of a wealth of experience the author uses as simple language as is possible for this fairly dry topic. In the current punitive tax climate investors need to be ahead of the game and this book will help enormously in making the decision whether or not a company structure will help or hinder your future wealth. I’ve read hundreds of books in my 20 years as a successful investor and these are the best.

 An easy recommendation!
Nick Bailey, 11/10/2017
I've got quite a few of these Tax Cafe books now. What's great is that you can get very quick advice on high-level subjects in no time - i.e. yes/no go/no go type decisions can be made fast. And.. if you want to dig down into the details on any particular area you can.. right into the details!! This books is not the easiest of reads however.. and I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a 'read in one go' book. It is, instead, a reference text that pays for itself many times over! An easy recommendation!

 Unbeatable advice
Sar L, 21/09/2017
I wanted to know the pitfalls of purchasing a property within my existing company setup. I have purchased other tax books from Taxcafe (Carl Bailey) so when this latest addition was offered I had no hesitation in grabbing a copy. And just as before, the advice and many detailed examples given regarding using a company to hold property was extremely helpful in making my mind up in which way to proceed. An excellent read for both the 'clued-up' or 'clueless' out there when it comes to the complexities of HMRC, bless them, and i cannot recommend this publication highly enough. I'm positive that this will not be my last purchase from Taxcafe.

 Five Stars
emma millen, 19/09/2017
Excellent book!

 Very useful tax book, very specific and up to date.
George, 10/09/2017
My husband and I were both keen to read this, and were pleased to have a pdf and hard copy so we could do so at the same time!

Deciding whether or not to form a company for future property purposes is a really complex decision - dependant on what you are doing with the property and your other tax obligations. This book is very honest about the situation (which is even more complex with the new tax changes due to interest claiming from this year). It is up to date, and gives useful information and lots of examples. A lot depends on how much money you are making, and your long term plans. Also, whether or not you plan to take the money out of the company.

I would not say it would be sufficient to read this book and make a 100% decision without talking to a property accountant. But it doesn't cost as much as one either. I would say it would give you a pretty good idea, and some people would be able to write off becoming a company entirely - in which case it is fantastic value for money. It is not a terribly exciting read, as you would expect, but very useful. We also bought another of their books, having read this one, and they would be my first port of call if there are further changes and I needed a really comprehensive guide.

 Does exactly what is says on the tin
Monika Deutsch, 06/09/2017
Does exactly what is says on the tin, explains how the idea works in a language that a layman can understand. It is well worth the money in my opinion.

 A must have book for all property investors
JJ, 04/09/2017
I wanted to invest in properties but was put off by the recent tax changes. I felt it is going to be impossible to become a landlord with the new tax rules. I tried exploring the option of a company but did not get any easy to understand information from friends or google search. I tried this book which was written in a simple language and easy to read. I do not have any knowledge accounting and I was able to understand the subject without any difficulty. This book gave me confidence to start the journey of investing in properties. Thanks to Mr Carl Bayley who touched on all essential-I was able to find information pertinent to my circumstances.

 it's not an easy question to answer
MR STEPHEN McAULEY, 31/08/2017
I have asked the question many times of lawyers, accountants and property agents "should I transfer my properties into a company?" and to my surprise, no one seems to know the answer!

In fairness, it's not an easy question to answer; and don't pick up this book expecting to find a simple yes or no.

However, my understanding of the pros and cons of using a company have become a lot clearer and I now feel much more equipped to sit down with my accountant and find the solution that's right for my situation.

 Definitely worth a read
Nick H, 30/08/2017
I'd done some reading around this subject on the web, but this book has helped a lot in putting everything together. It also highlighted a few things that I wouldn't have thought of and probably wouldn't have found by accident on the web. It's quite an easy read so it's worth picking up a copy.

 An excellent guide for property investors
Mr Bharat S Vara, 30/06/2017
An excellent guide for property investors. Well written, with a good balance between detail for the experienced and 'broad brush' for the layman. Plenty of examples to illustrate various scenarios. Recommended.

 A MUST read!
Austin Gorham, 19/06/2017
An essential, fascinating, MUST read book for anyone going into the property business! I have been investing in property since 1979, I wish this book or similar advice had been around then! Completely up to date, a goldmine of information on the complexities of the differences between a trading company and a Ltd Co.,a step by step guide with plenty of examples and analysis.Taxation in the UK is currently a very complex matter, your average accountant will have no chance of keeping up with the minefield of legislation. Reading this book will give you a good general knowledge of the subject and help avoid the many pitfalls out there, after all knowledge is power!!!! Easy to read, well written & informative.

 Excellent easy reader
Neil, 08/06/2017
I've been looking forward to getting hold of this book for a while as I was waiting on it being refreshed to the latest changes and it did not disappoint. The book is easy to read and full of situational examples to let each point sink in. I wanted to know the difference between holding property personally and holding it as a company and it was good to be able to quickly find that out. I've read a few of Carl Bayley's books (and others in the Tax Cafe series) and have found them all to be great easy to read guides on tax. For me this book gave me the knowledge to plan for the future and resolve the doubts I had, which was exactly why I wanted it.

 Figure out if a company is the right way for you - or not.
coulie, 08/06/2017
I have several Taxcafe books and I have found them all useful, each easily saving back the money of the purchase. With the new landlord tax laws coming into action this year, I needed to figure out the best route for me to deal with my taxes. After reading this book, I was convinced of the direction I needed to take. Lots of examples and and scenarios should help anyone like me from having to sit on the fence in the dark.