Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

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 Clear and concise, most useful
Angus Jack, 27/04/2018
Excellent, easy to follow and clear recommendations, very useful in completing my tax return.

 This book is very easy to read
C G PARKER, 12/12/2016
This book is very easy to read, but more importantly the tips are easy to implement. I would be very surprised if any purchaser did not save the purchase price many times over on just one tax return. I found the sections on Travel and Motoring expenses and employing family, particularly useful.

 Great for business owners
greeny13, 28/11/2016
This is absolutely packed with easy to understand tips for small businesses. I'm in practice myself but am still finding the quick tips a great reminder of the many small things everyone can do to minimise their tax burden.

 Must read for a small business owner
Artem, 17/11/2016
This a brilliant book for a self-employed or a small business owner. Up to date, well written and concise. It saved me tens of hours of online research and hundreds of pounds in accounting / tax fees.

 Four Stars
LBmill, 17/11/2016

 Sound advice for accountants and small business owners
Isopahajussi, 29/09/2014
I am a Chartered Accountant who provides accounting and tax services to businesses and I find the publications from the Tax Café provide sound advice at reasonable prices. Despite the efforts from various governments to streamline taxation it is becoming more complex so I find I need to regularly update my knowledge, and this book provides a good basis.

Similarly business owners will find this book useful in order to ensure that they (and their accountants!) are aware of all the possibilities open to them in order to ensure that they pay the correct amount of tax whilst at the same time taking advantage of any tax breaks that are available.

OK it's not bed time reading, except for some accountants, but it is broken up into reasonably compact sections that are written in a readable format with relevant examples.

My only slight quibble is that there is no detailed index at the back of the book for quick reference, but this is mitigated by the fact that the contents at the front are pretty detailed so you should find your way around without too much trouble.

 A great tax guide for the small business owner.
Berenice A., 25/09/2014
I have used Carl Bayley's Tax Cafe guides for some years and this new edition of 'Small Business Tax Saving Tactics' hasn't let me down. He explains complex issues in simple terms and offers solutions. All possibilities of tax saving are examined with clear explanations of how to take advantage of these legally. Pitfalls and lines that shouldn't be crossed are pointed out. His case studies are very useful. I have no hesitation in recommending this book as a must read for all small business owners.

 A 'must read' for small business owners
M. W., 24/09/2014
This is a terrific book! It is invaluable for people starting their own business. It provides advice that can save you thousands every year.

I am setting up a business and soon realized that this book could help me in so many ways. The clearly written explanations, illustrated with case studies, make this book very accessible.

The practical strategies for calculating how much to claim for using your home as an office is particularly useful in ensuring you claim as much tax relief as possible without overstating the usage.

The chapter on maximizing tax relief on borrowing was extremely enlightening, especially the tax benefits of offset mortgages.

As my business involves buying and selling, the advice about separating the loan arrangement solicitors' fees rather than adding them to the mortgage will save me hundreds of pounds.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone starting out in business but I also commend it to people already in business so that they can understand what tax relief they can claim and advise their accountants accordingly.

 Essential reading for the self-employed
William B., 22/09/2014
This book is an absolute must for all sole traders and small business owners. It lays out in simple, clear terms all aspects that you need to be aware of. It will repay you many times over.

 Really useful guide
Jacqui, 15/09/2014
Really useful guide.

 Great book for all small business owners
Ellie, 15/09/2014
This book is really well written and easy to read. I have given it 5 stars as the advice is very clear and comprehensive and its a great reference point for all small businesses. It's well laid out so its easy to pinpoint the information you need and there are lots of practical tips throughout. I would recommend this book to people who are just setting up in business or those who have been running their own business for a number of years and want to become more tax efficient!

 I have found this book to be a very useful reference guide to refer to
A H Rayaz, 14/09/2014
Being an accountant in practice I have found this book to be a very useful reference guide to refer to. Written in plain English with numerous examples it has a lot of tips on maximising tax savings for businesses and individuals. I would recommend this to any self employed individual who wants to understand tax as well as accountants who want a reference book that is to the point and up to date. The sections on motoring expenses are excellent as this is a complex area for both taxpayers and advisers to understand especially the various rules relating to income tax and VAT.

 Nice and easy to understand with good ideas.
devek, 11/09/2014
I found the book very interesting and easy to understand. The information is well presented and it has become a valuable guide for saving tax with my current home-based business. I would recommend others buying the book if they feel they could benefit from applying the information to cutting their tax costs.

 Tax Saving
Henry Solomon, 10/09/2014
An excellent book full of very useful information, and written in a very user friendly way that makes it really easy to understand.

I would recommend it to all small businesses as an invaluable source of information to help them save tax.

 An excellent guide, comprehensive but yet written in a quick & accessible style
PH, 10/09/2014
An excellent guide, comprehensive but yet written in a quick & accessible style. Hundred of savings from expenses, entertaining, employing children/spouse and going into business with them, maximising entrepreneurs cgt reliefs, buying capital items, capital allowances, finance fees, interest, over seas travel, using personal tax credits and countless more.

Anyone with a business in the UK should read it even if they thing they or their accountant knows it all already. They are virtually certain to save more than the cost of the book plus the value of the time spent reading and acting it.

 Great up-to-date resource - very useful
Mr M W Brown, 08/09/2014
I found the book very interesting and easy to understand. The information is well presented and it has become a valuable guide for saving tax with my current home-based business. I would recommend others buying the book if they feel they could benefit from applying the information to cutting their tax costs.

 Tax Cafe delivers again
CMILLER, 03/09/2014
This is a helpful book for people running a small business. It is full of good tips including the benefits of accelerating qualifying capital expenditure and the tax relief available on the capital cost of buying a van. I found the chapter on e commerce particularly useful.

 very useful guide to taxation for sole traders and partnerships
cancer doc, 01/09/2014
very useful guide to taxation for sole traders and partnerships, I struggle to understand most tax information but this is clear and readable, some discussion of limited companies but they recommend you buy another book if that's what you need.

I understand the travel expenses situation better now and some very useful advice on lease vs hire purchase.

 Could save you money!!
D. Hogg, 01/09/2014
Very good practical advice for the self-employed, easy to read and understand with practical examples.

 capital allowances and motoring expenses incredibly useful, as well as some very helpful notes
Biggles, 01/09/2014
This is a terrifically helpful book for the small business owner. It is written in extremely accessible language, with lots of very real world examples to contextualise the ideas presented. I found the sections on home office, travel expenses, capital allowances and motoring expenses incredibly useful, as well as some very helpful notes on paying a salary to one's spouse. The book has saved me thousands of pounds without compromising the duty to pay one's fair share. I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone running a small business, whether as a sole trader or a company (both of which are also clearly explained!) It's a complete no-brainer....get it!

 Excellent collection of tax planning ideas
Beckett, 28/09/2012
This book covers a lot of ground, in particular all the tax deductions you can claim if you are self employed. Topics covered include motoring, travel, home offices, ecommerce, capital expenditure, employing family members and the pros and cons of setting up a company.

 Excellent book that left me full of ideas
Hannah B, 09/08/2012
This book is a must have for anyone self employed, but in particular sole traders. I actually bought this book as i couldn't find any more UK tax saving books out there and thought it was pretty pricey, but it's definitely worth it!

As the other reviewer has mentioned, it's written in a fairly straightforward manner, so you don't have to be an accountant to understand it. I won't describe all the gems in there as it wouldn't be fair on the writers, but it covers a lot to with what is classed as a capital/business expense, then there's things for home businesses to claim against which i had never considered, entrepreneur's relief, vat and even inheritance tax and how as a business owner, you can have inheritance tax relief on your business.. In particular i found the section on claiming the cost of business trips useful and selling up your business.

What i like about this book is that it is very clear as to what qualifies as a tax relief/allowance/expense and what doesn't, and how you organise your finances to pay the least amount of tax. The last section compares the tax and NI payments of a sole trader compared to a company and this has led me to considering the next book, the benefits of running a company!

Well recommended.

 Great book - well written and easy to read
Caroline from Surrey, 13/12/2011
I got a copy of this directly from Taxcafe's website as its not in stock yet on Amazon. It has a lot of very interesting tax saving ideas which look like they could save us a small fortune! Its written in plain English and doesn't fall in to the "accountant speak" style that so many other tax books do. Highly recommended.