Pension Magic

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 Another excellent guide from TaxCafe
DayRider, 04/07/2018
Really useful well written book.

 Excellent guide
PB, 29/06/2018
Excellent source of up-to-date information about how to take full advantage of UK personal pension rules to maximise tax relief. Clearly written and supported with a great number of explanatory examples - makes this dry subject easy to understand. A really useful reference book that offers a load of great tips too.

 Easy to read, relevant to this tax year and already saved me money.
Jade Douglas, 18/06/2018
This book is packed with information presented in a simple, concise way. I am in my early 40s, in full time employment, with a dependent and suddenly woke up to the fact that I had no idea about my pension or how to make the most of my savings. Now I do feel empowered. As this is all new to me, I have to keep referring back to the book but I understand a lot more than I did and have already benefited financially as a result! There are lots of scenarios covered in the book, including buy-to-let investments, various ISA options and an interesting comparison of pensions vs ISAs as savings vessels. Also discussed how to ensure that your beneficiaries get the most out of any money that you leave behind. A must read for anyone who pays tax!

 Good but not for defined benefit schemes
MartinRG, 03/10/2017
I have the Taxcafe book on Inheritance Tax and Letting and they really have enabled me to save tax by carrying out transactions in a certain way.

I got Pension Magic as this is a very topical subject with the annual allowance and LTA changes and once again liked the right mix of style, somewhere between professional advice and an informal chat. Lots of detail and the case studies, as with other Taxcafe books are well thought out.

 Excellent laymans guide to the benefits of saving in a Pension
Veri Vendace, 18/09/2017
I was looking for a straightforward explanation of the benefits of using a Pension as a tax saving vehicle and this book did not disappoint. I was particularly interested in the ISA vs Pension angle and this book explores that very well. What I particularly liked was the way the book makes copious use of real world examples which really helps to understand what is being said.

As a limited company owner I was also looking for guidance on whether it was best for my company to contribute to my pension or whether to do it personally. Again this book did not disappoint giving me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Although not applicable to my situation there is also good information on Pensions vs Buy to Let.

I highly recommend this book - you will almost certainly recoup the cost of the book and more by following the advice contained within its pages.

 I found the book very easy to read
Peter R., 15/09/2017
I am a full time property investor and I have recently purchased and read "Pension Magic". I found the book very easy to read, very thorough with loads of great examples and scenarios on how best to manage pension arrangements. Thanks to the knowledge I gained from reading the book I am meeting with my pension manager and accountant to discuss strategy going forward. Thanks for a great book.

 I know of no easier to digest format for understanding tax.
Richard, 16/09/2017
I’ve bought a number of the Tax Café series of books over the years and I know of no easier to digest format for understanding tax.

I also employ accountants and solicitors but the understanding that I have gained from these books have driven my ability to prompt these professionals into looking at possibilities that I feel they would otherwise sometimes, be unmotivated to consider.

Accessible and easy to read, the Tax Café books unravel and clarify seemingly complex and clouded tax rules and consequently over the years they have saved me real money.

 Excellent book for...a dry a matter as Pensions!
Quintessential, 14/03/2016
At the tender age of nearly 50, I took a deep breath and bought a book about pensions, to understand (belatedly) the subject better. This was a great purchase! The authors ability to cut through the chase and present complex, dry matters in a simple and clear way is remarkable. It's engaging, easy to read and touches many hot topics (esp. for high earners). Recommendation for future editions: some formulas / example calculations of how to work out the effect of annual contribution to the final pot, and how annuities are worked out.

All in all, a book worth buying for career starters and anyone who wants to understand pensions better and be more tax efficient!

 Five Stars
MRS C WARREN, 28/05/2015
This book has my highest recommendation - it saved me money!