The Big Landlord Tax Increase

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 Plenty here to trigger fruitful discussion with your tax adviser
Matt Ashworth, 04/06/2018
By now most people have realised that something big is happening regarding loss of tax relief on mortgage interest. But there is a lot of hot air spouted on the subject and even more on what to do about it. This book explains clearly what the changes are and how they will affect landlords with mortgages under a number of different scenarios. I have come across several proposed ways to address the changes, and this book discusses many of these and gives ideas. What's always important is to know what questions to ask your own accountant, tax adviser or solicitor. There's plenty here to trigger lots of fruitful conversation. If you don't ask, you don't get! Another great publication from the Tax Cafe!

 For the price of the book you could potentially save thousands
STM, 27/05/2018
Book is very informative with well worked examples in the different ways and means to reduce the liabilities you would pay in current tax years and others. This is with the 2018 tax laws in place across the UK (all slightly different). This equally applies to landlords currently in a company structure, thinking about it and those that do it outwith. It also highlighted other legal structures to help reduce the liabilities associated with being a landlord. Worth buying for the simple fact that it could help save thousands no matter how you arrange your landlord activities.

 Essential reading for all Buy to Let Landlords
MR M COHEN, 20/05/2018
This book is essential reading if you already have, or you're thinking about investing in Residential Buy to Let property. It is up to date, with all the recent tax changes imposed on Landlords, with loads of case studies that cover most situations, more importantly, solutions to minimise the impact of these changes.

 Good for Directors with other companies
Katy Potaty, 02/02/2018
I have Googled SO much about this subject. Thanks to the examples in this book I have a simple formula to quickly work out effects of the new interest rules (I'm a Director, taking Dividends, with a NON property Limited company - who was looking at personal purchases of Buy to Let property - so I cannot guarantee this is as helpful for other scenarios!) As a result I've ended up going down the route of setting up another company (for BTL investments). The book helped me make that important decision.

 You will probably know more than most accountants
Jason Mumford, 28/08/2017
Very good. Helps clear the mist. After reading you will probably know more than most accountants.

 Five Stars
Toby, 21/08/2017
Crystal clear and brilliantly simple this is essential reading for landlords.

 Would recommend
Mischa, 12/06/2016
Easy to read and understand. Good tips.

 Excellent guide
PH, 24/01/2016
Excellent guide to the this idiotic, misguided & totally unfair tax grab off landlords (and thus the poor tenants too). Immorally Introduced recently by our tax, borrow and waste chancellor George Osborne. This in total contradiction to all normal taxation principles that legitimate business costs are deductible from profits before any taxation is computed.

Any landlord should be able to find some ways to save very considerable sums from this guide. Also to be able to plan future structures and investments in a more efficient way. The book is structured in an accessible and sensible way, but with sufficient depth of coverage for almost all landlord situations. It is a stupid, immoral and very damaging tax which will reduce the supply of rental properties and job mobility, It is surely landlord's moral duty to try to get round it as best they can. This book is a great help towards achieving this.