How to Save Inheritance Tax

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 Easy to understand and very useful guide to IHT
redstar, 04/03/2018
Another excellent book by Carl Bayley that explains a complicated subject in a way that is easy to understand and up to date. The book is a useful starter if you have only a small amount of knowledge about IHT but also explains more complex areas clearly and simply as you need more detailed knowledge. I also find it useful as a way of checking out advice from financial advisors or on financial web sites, this helps avoid making costly mistakes and I’d always encourage people to do some research before just accepting advice from 3rd parties. Overall excellent value for money.

 Knowledge gives you power
Tracey, 26/02/2018
This is another in the wonderful series from The TaxCafe, and author Carl Bayley. I have bought others in the series, How to save Property Tax, Small Businesses Tax Saving Tactics and Keeping it Simple small business bookkeeping, tax and VAT for my husbands fledgling business, and they are all some of the best (tax deductible) money I have spent. All are aimed at helping those without limitless finances help themselves to understand and utilise the laws around It or whatever subject you purchase to try to give access to the.same sort of advice offered at a large fee. The author writes with humour and makes the subject matter digestible with his writing style. The chapters are littered with examples, and well as tax tips and wealth warnings to consider when planning your finances. The book layout also allows you to easily dip back in at any time to refresh your memory when a particular situation may arise and it pricks a thought of something you have read that may relate to your particular situation. The books are all fully up to date with current legislation and mention if there are amendments coming in the near future. It also points out that things can and often do change.

Inheritance tax is something that needs planning and constant revision as laws and circumstances change and this book certainly gives food for thought on how to DIY if your circumstances are simple or certainly give you questions and ideas to save time and money if you take paid advice. Although I will say that i received my copy for free in exchange for an honest review, I was only offered it at the point I had clicked to buy it in any case as I have been so impressed by the other books I have and this is no different. At worst you will come away most likely learning something (or a lot of things) you didn't know and at best save you from making some very expensive mistakes. Knowledge gives you power and this book has certainly improved my knowledge.

 The best way to keep up with changing legislation
Cscape, 22/02/2018
This is a very comprehensive and clearly structured guide which is an invaluable pathfinder through the many thousands of pages of obtuse tax legislation. Governments are constantly fiddling the rules to maximise revenue and close perceived loopholes, and anyone with assets above some level runs the risk of their estate unwittingly and rather unfairly becoming liable for huge taxes, which can often be easily avoided by making some minor changes to the way one's affairs are managed or structured.

The book is very readable guide with many illustrative examples. Anyone who has tried to wade through the actual legislation or the often incomplete, out-of-date and poorly worded and badly structured HMRC guidelines will instantly save hours of time, and in due course the recommended actions can amount to significant savings for loved ones left behind.

In short, this is extremely good value for money, even if one simply wants to gain some peace of mind regarding the pitfalls that need to be avoided when navigating the constantly changing tax landscape.

 I am finding this book invaluable. Absolutely up-to-date
Listener, 17/02/2018
Knowing how important it is to arrange financial matters carefully following all legal requirements, I am finding this book invaluable. Absolutely up-to-date, it explains various technical terms in plain English, and alerts us to ways of helping our family which we otherwise might not know about. The chapter headings and contents are clearly laid out, so it is not difficult to look up advice on a particular situation. Thank you.

 IHT debunked
Andrew O., 15/02/2018
IHT is not an easy subject to assimilate at the best of times. However, Carl Bayley and the Tax Cafe team have done an excellent job of demystifying the subject and making it very understandable in a book that is eminently readable without a lot of jargon. My interest in the subject is purely selfish concerning personal assets and the family home and therefore I have not reviewed the IHT issues associated with business property.

Nonetheless I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent book as an essential guide through the IHT minefield and how to protect your and yours assets from IHT as far as the law allows. Good reading!!

 The book to buy!
Cheshire, 15/02/2018
This is a brilliant book. Clear and up to date for 2018, Carl Bayley writes in a simple and understandable way - unlike many books on the subject. He uses examples/scenarios to explain the principles and the exceptions of any taxation process. He gives tips to avoid excessive taxation and I am sure the cost of the book will be easily recouped in the savings in IHT.

 it provides a really useful guide for even the least knowledgeable
Shally, 13/02/2018
Carl Bayley has produced another comprehensive explanation of how to save inheritance tax, updated to reflect the latest changes in taxation. With numerous worked examples, it provides a really useful guide for even the least knowledgeable as well as for the sophisticated person wishing to maximise their estate in the face of eroding value.

 Very Good with Great Examples
Brett McKee, 12/02/2018
A very good book! The best part of the book is that it gives many examples throughout which makes the difficult terminology of HMRC much easier to understand and to work out if the specific circumstances applies to your own specific situation.

The book also gives many examples of misconceptions and common mistakes people make and how to avoid or at least be aware of the implications if you want to take them. I have also realised that inheritance tax is much more complicated than I originally thought and you really need to consider the implications as many people could be left with a bill in future years even with modest increases in say your house value. With the books help I feel much better informed and able to plan for my future and the future of my family.

 Excellent publication. Carl writes in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand
Debs, 07/02/2018
Excellent publication. Carl writes in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand. Comprehensive indexing of topics so it is easy to find particular scenarios. There are plenty of examples to suit lots of different situations. Lots of handy tips included. A great reference book and definitely worth reading for anyone planning ahead and wishing to reduce their tax bill. The tables of rates and allowances in the appendix is very useful. I will be purchasing more Tax Café publications!

 This is the one to buy
Bazouteast, 10/09/2017
This is the one to buy if you are getting seriously into IHT. Written with humour, With excellent, realistic examples. Amusingly, his examples use musicians. E.g. Roy & Jeff are involved with the Electric Light Co, another Roy sets up the Wilbury Discretionary Trust, while Pete has a Civil Partner called Roger (can you imagine!!), and leaves a gift to his friend Keith. It's well written and UP TO DATE (@ Spring 2017) while the Dummies Guide I also purchased was badly OUT of date. This book saved me a LOT of money. Recommended.

 Five Stars
er, 01/08/2017
useful book and information

 Exactly as I hoped it would be
Mrs Zippy, 26/07/2017
This was purchased for my husband who seems to be delighted with it.

 A lot of useful information which should push you in the direction of the right help
Village Bookworm, 08/07/2017
An easy-to-read style of writing, with a little humour to lighten the subject, however I feel there are bits that simply don't make sense and/or where the writer assumes knowledge where perhaps he shouldn't. A lot of useful information which should push you in the direction of the right help, enabling you to ask the right questions, to get your planning in place.

 Clear and useful
Donald A. Mcintyre, 27/03/2017
This is a clear summary of the rules of IHT, with plenty of examples to help explain some of the more arcane points. But why no index?

Anne Cox, 19/01/2017
This book was for my retired accountant husband who needed some background information on inheritance tax as we have reached the age of wisdom. He reads it in every spare moment, armed with his trusty highlighter. Much to his surprise he has found out much of interest (for instance, did you know you can use a remarried widow's deceased husband's IT allowance against her own estate's tax?). He can wholeheartedly recommend it.

 Great book, lots of examples
Oscar Wilde, 15/10/2016
I was looking for a book on IHT and came across this very good book. If you are *really* interested in learning about IHT, look no further!

The book thoroughly treats the subject, with lots of examples to illustrate the practicalities. This is immensely helpful for people like me who do not have accounting or financial training. There are also lots of 'Tax Tips' and 'Wealth Warnings' that respectively highlight possible savings and pitfalls. One thing I found particularly impressive is the very limited reference to other books by the same author. Most authors fail on this point - always referring readers to other books or seminar attendance 'for more information'. This book has avoided that. It is very thorough and self-contained.

The one thing I found lacking is the absence of an index. Given how good and detailed the book is, one would like to not only read it but also use it as a handy reference. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next edition... I'm now going to continue my tax education by ordering the next set of tax books from this author.

 Worth buying, worth reading
CAW, 26/09/2016
Researched the available books - remarkably few and all quite expensive but trivial compared to the potential savings on IHT. Chose this book on the basis of excellent reviews of previous editions, good parent website (Tax Cafe) with other excellent resources, and most up to date at present. Was going to purchase it anyway but pleasantly surprised to be offered a free copy in return for an impartial review. I have not read any other books on this subject so cannot compare directly.

I have a pretty average amateur knowledge and understanding of tax and financial matters. I found this mostly readable and penetrable, and where the explanations are a bit dense the examples are pretty helpful. Humorous in places (eg ‘grab a granny’). Well set out so you can drill down to sections relevant to you, although I would certainly advise you read and understand some of the basic concepts and why, in some circumstances where for example you may be dealing with trusts, it appears you do not have to die in order to be subject to inheritance tax.

Don't expect a painting by numbers book - you would always be well advised to take professional advice when putting any measures in place - but it gives you an idea of pitfalls to avoid, and potential routes to minimise your estate liabilities, the importance of timing, and keeping records. Well worth your time reading this for most people who expect their successors to have an IHT bill of more than a few thousand. Which for a property owning nation is a lot of us.

 If you are only going to buy one book on Inheritance Tax, get this one!
WJM100, 22/09/2016
As a property investor, I have read a number of Taxcafe's guides to saving tax and I have always found them to be most informative, well-written and helpful. This book is no exception and is quite possibly the most comprehensive book on Inheritance Tax available. If you are only going to buy one book on Inheritance Tax, get this one! The book explains in detail the principles of Inheritance Tax, the exemptions available, and practical steps that can be taken to save paying the tax. There are chapters on Inheritance Tax planning for married couples and of course tax planning using trusts. It is written in simple English with numerous examples to make it easy to understand. It is up-to-date with all the latest changes in legislation - the only change I'm aware of since the book was published is that if you pay the tax in instalments, interest is now charged at 2.75% rather than 3%. I thoroughly recommend this book, and, having met the author, can say that he has a very detailed knowledge and understanding of tax matters which also comes across in his books such as this one.

 Concise and easy to read. A must have.
spde, 19/09/2016
Simple, concise, easy to read and a must have. Thank you.