How to Save Property Tax

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 The go-to tax reference for property investors
Matt Ashworth, 28/08/2018
This book is well worth a close read. Everyone knows something about how to be smart with one's investments. This book sets out everything there is to know. It is well organised with lots of navigation, so you can find what you are looking for. But a close read is advisable because of all the gems that you didn't already know about. This stuff can get very complicated very quickly. The book offers lots of examples that help to bring it to life. What I really like about the book - and the way I use it - is the way it raises lots of possibilities that may be relevant to you and that you can follow up in discussion with your adviser. The other thing is that it's up to date. There continues to be a lot of change in the tax environment, and this book gives you the latest position, in an authoritative manner. Trusted guide.

Jonathan Argent, 28/08/2018
Yet another cracking book from the tax café ... you cannot seriously be without a copy of this guide. Highly informative and exceptionally well presented. A no brainer if you are either a property investor or considering becoming one. Don't waste any more time just buy it.

 If you let out a property you really need to read this book!
Mr M Cohen, 21/08/2018
This is the latest edition of How to Save Property Tax for 2018/19, there have been so many changes to Tax legislation on property in the past couple of years, from the reduction of interest rate relief on Buy to Let mortgages, increased Stamp duty etc. This book works through lots of different case studies to show how these changes could affect you, and more importantly what to do about them, it covers everything you need to be aware of in an easy to understand format. If you rent out a property, even if like me, you don't see yourself as a "Professional landlord", it is essential that you arm yourself with this knowledge, or you may find yourself paying a huge amount of extra tax in the coming year!

 Must read for any UK property investor
DayRider, 23/08/2018
Regardless if your a serial property investor or prospective landlord there is an immense amount of information on how to save property tax within this publication. The property tax minefield caused by HMRC couldn't be simplified any more clearly than with this book. It includes a broad range of examples covering all tax bands. I highly recommend this book and you might even teach your accountant something new!

 Great well written and informative
Kathryn Hair, 10/08/2018
The Tax Café guides as clear and informative and very easy to understand. Whilst you may know quite a few of the elements within the book there is always some gem of information to be found that can help reduce you tax costs. Thoroughly recommend the book.

Katy Potaty, 08/06/2018
I really think Carl Bayley is a legend what he's doing. Don't get me wrong, these books can be really tedious and boring in parts! But that's the nature of tax - and you need to know if you want to go far in this business. Taught me things my accountant wasn't even aware of - it just shows you have to do your own research as laws change all the time and there's no guarantee your financial services will know everything.

 A must have
S M Ulgiati, 02/06/2018
Excellent book - would recommend.

 Comprehensive and Written in Simple English - Plenty of Tax saving tips
J.J, 18/09/2017
I am new to property business and I found it very useful. I tried searching for information on internet/you tube but could not get a well-rounded view of issues pertinent to my circumstances. I found this book comprehensive, easy to understand and had the information I need. Examples are especially good to understand the practical aspects of different issues. I am interested in buy to let and this book covered all aspects of tax in this area. I was able to find answers to all my questions. There are several useful tax saving strategies, tips and warnings. Overall, this has up-to-date details including all the recent changes. I would recommend this to all property investors as a must read book.

 Property tax bible, readable and up to date
George, 13/09/2017
As we have been landlording for 13 years, I thought it was about time I updated my tax knowledge. The Tax Cafe's book is a bible on property tax, and covers pretty much any scenario in residential and commercial property business. With the new changes to interest payment expenses, it is good to get an up to date guide on how it affects you, and what the effects will be in the future. This guide explains it well. There were a few techniques that we may well make use of, now and in disposing of our properties - so an excellent buy. If you are thinking about forming a property company, that is covered in one of their other publications.

 Comprehensive indexing of topics so it is easy to find particular scenarios
Debs, 07/02/2017
Superb publication. Comprehensive indexing of topics so it is easy to find particular scenarios. Carl writes in layman’s terms so it is easy to understand. There are plenty of examples to suit lots of different situations and the table of rates and allowances in the appendix is useful. Lots of handy tips included. A brilliant reference book and a must read for anyone investing in property! I will be seriously considering buying more of the Tax Café publications.

 I love it
NS100, 11/09/2017
User-friendly and comprehensive - what a find. the style of writing is clear and detailed - the author achieves a good balance.

 Five stars
Wendy Walker, 05/09/2017
excellent read

 Valuable guide for anyone with, or thinking about, interests in property
Fiona Smith, 18/11/2016
Incredibly useful book. Having previously let out my home when overseas, I only wish I'd had access to the information in this book - it would have certainly saved me several thousand pounds. Very clearly written, in an accessible and understandable manner, with worked examples. Dispels a lot of misconceptions and 'advice' given by friends, family and even those who are supposedly expert professionals in property management and taxation. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has any dealings with property or has any change in status as a property owner (e.g. marriage or divorce). Covers all areas of tax related to all forms of property, including the new stamp duty regime, property investment, letting, development and trading from a resident and non-resident perspective and for both residential and commercial property.

 Vital reading if considering property investment
MartinRG, 06/03/2016
I was in two minds whether to buy as £25 is a lot of money for a book. However, I am very glad I did and after getting to chapter 3 I had already got enough info to get way in excess of the book cost back (and you can even offset the cost of the book against property income!). As an accountant (an FCA) I know enough of the basics but this book gave me a lot of insight and, while I would recommend speaking to a tax advisor if you have a complicated property set up, for anyone starting out even considering getting a property as an investment this book is a vital read. The style makes it interesting to read (in relative tax book terms) and there are even jokes now and then. Highly recommended.

 Five Stars
Brian, 23/06/2015