Salary versus Dividends

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 Amazing book with so much information - Must read for all business owners
Steve Khela, 04/04/2018
This book is a god send if you own your own business. I have had the last two revisions of this book and trust me the advice and information you learn from this book is amazing. Simple things you can implement in your business explained in full. I must have saved thousands in costs and i now go to my accountant telling him how i want to pay myself. Amazing book.

 Comprehensive and Up to Date
Andrew, 25/03/2018
This is an excellent guide, now into its 18th Edition, which addresses the perennial problem facing accountants:

"What is the most tax efficient strategy when it comes to deciding how profits should be divided between salaries and dividends in family run companies"

The 43 chapters cover every possible angle, and the cost of the book would be covered many times over in tax savings.

There are many different permutations to be taken into account when doing the calculations including whether you would be better off self-employed, pension contributions, utilising members of the family, child benefit, benefits in kind, selling your business.

This is a very easy read with bite size paragraphs, examples with calculations, and an appendix showing the necessary paperwork you need to keep to document your decisions.

I have previously bought the 13/14 tax year and the 15/16 tax year editions, but due to the constant changing of the tax laws, this was a must want to keep me up to date, and the value is unbelievable.

 Excellent reference for any small business owner!
Mrs M E Cunnington, 22/03/2018
I have been reading Nick's books now for several years and always find them really easy to read and understand. They cut through the complexity of tax changes and provide clear information on the best approach for dealing with dividends and salary questions. I particularly like the very clear examples provided in the guide as these can easily be transferred to my situation.

Often getting access to this type of information via HMRC or other means is difficult to navigate and not clear.

When you order the book, you will also receive a free PDF version which is really handy to have on your computer and can be easily searched. In addition, you will receive emails each time a new book by Nick is published as well as discount for future purchases.

I would recommend Nick's books to anyone looking to maximise their position as a company owner.

 This book will save you money
Mathmos, 20/03/2018
Really useful well written book.

 Excellent book
Andy C., 12/03/2018
Fantastic book-I use it as an adviser in practice as a supplement to other technical reading. It always has additional points I can provide to clients.

 Tax cafe
Araf, 08/03/2018
Excellent information and informative if you want to save paying too much tax this is the book for you, everything you wanted to know but were to afraid to ask your accountant.

 Useful and well written
Barnett, 10/08/2017
Easily readable and informative.

 Tax Efficient Purchase!
Ian C, 05/08/2017
I have bought previous editions of this guide and so had a pretty good idea what to expect. Please note the disclaimer at the start of the book. This cannot, and does not claim to, offer specific tax or accountancy advice for your particular circumstances. However, as a general guide to the current (2017/18) tax regime it is excellent; easy to understand with many worked examples.

Over the years these guides have enabled me to understand the reasons for my Accountant's recommendations and prompted several financially beneficial discussions. I cannot believe that there are many people who, after reading this book and discussing it with their Accountant, do not save tax equal to the purchase price several times over! Definitely recommended for all Limited Company owners, and anyone thinking of starting their own Limited Company.

 A concise guide to personal tax for the small company owner
L. David, 31/07/2017
I am a retired tax accountant, so I know a little bit about personal tax. I buy these books to keep up to date with changes in the personal/small company taxes, an also to see if there are any practical suggestions on managing long term personal tax.

The thing that I like about the authors book it is that it straight forward and covers the major aspects that the reader needs to know about managing their personal income orginating from their private company. I particualrly appreciate the emphasis given to planning your income over the next couple of years and never loosing sight of the final winding up of the company and how to manage this. I am not aware of any other books that provide the level of advice in a simple and easy to follow manner.

 Review of Salary v Dividends
Iain Dallas (iceni), 28/07/2017
As an Independent Financial Advisor and landlord, I use these books to remain current with changing tax principles. They rightly recommend you continue to use an accountant where the more complex issues arise but help arm you with knowledge of the principles of taxation. I have routinely recommended the series to clients and will continue to do so with confidence. Reading salary v dividends covered much that I was already familiar with but as in the past, brought me to new areas that I was glad to learn about. They pay for themselves many time over. Keep up the good work!

 Well written, concise and nicely broken down
Robin Corps, 27/07/2017
Well written, concise and nicely broken down. Worth a read if you're self-employed or a share holding company director.

 An excellent guidebook
A H Rayaz, 26/07/2017
As an accountant directors are always asking us about the most tax efficient way to withdraw money from their company. With significant changes to the taxation of dividends, it has become a lot more complex area to advise on. This book is an excellent source of information with many examples ant tables which show the taxes due in a various scenarios.

This book is not limited to just salary v dividends but also discusses other options, some which have only arisen recently, of extracting income from a company. Although primarily aimed at those running their own companies it is a valuable source of information for accountants as its written in clear easy to understand English without the tax jargon ,so can be used to provide information for clients to take away.

 Excellent update to Salaries vs Dividends
MJT, 25/07/2017
Excellent update to Salaries vs Dividends. With recent changes this book explains with clarity and how to best adapt and to advise your clients.

 this guide is great as a one stop shop
William Lawrence, 21/07/2017
This book really is an essential read if you are looking legitimately to reduce your tax liabilities so far as possible. It's especially relevant to small business owners, guiding you through the various rules in layman's language. It's clearly written and with case studies illustrating key points. It's completely up to date dealing with the 2017/18 tax year. Most people will still need to use an accountant to help with their tax position, but this guide is great as a one stop shop for all of my queries.

 Five Stars
J. A. Walters, 14/07/2017
By far the best book I have read on this subject would highly recommend.