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The World's Best Tax Havens

How to Cut Your Taxes to Zero and Safeguard Your Financial Freedom

This guide provides a fascinating insight into the glamorous world of offshore tax havens.

The first half contains indispensable information on 25 of the world's best tax havens - from the exotic Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Monaco, to less well-known but highly attractive tax havens like Cyprus, Malta and the Isle of Man.

Inside you will find out how you can:


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The second half of the book explores how big companies and wealthy individuals use the best tax havens and how, with proper planning, you too could legally enjoy some of these benefits. You'll find out how to go about setting up offshore companies, trusts and foundations and how these useful structures could help you lower your taxes or protect your hard-earned money from the outside world.

What Information is in the Tax Haven Guide?

This is the only book of its kind and, as with all Taxcafe guides, The World's Best Tax Havens is written in clear English with plenty of examples and tax planning tips. Subjects covered include:

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Non-Resident & Offshore Tax Planning

This unique tax guide shows you how to pay less income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax if you are non-resident or non-domiciled. It also includes a detailed list of tax havens and countries that do not tax UK income. The new Statutory Residence Test is covered in detail, along with an explanation of exactly how offshore companies and offshore trusts can be used to pay less tax.

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