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Using a tax advisor to manage your taxation affairs can be very rewarding.  Professionals are much more likely to be aware of more of the ways in which your taxes can be optimised so that you pay the least possible amount.  The down side is, obviously, the cost involved in employing such an advisor.

Tax guides from Taxcafe are a cost effective alternative to such action, and can be viewed in detail by following the link below:

All of Taxcafe's tax guides are written in plain English and are packed full of tips and strategies employed by the professional tax advisor.  With a bit of time and effort, anyone can reduce their tax bill significantly themselves - a rewarding, cash-conscious alternative.

This may seem a bit daunting but if you ever find yourself out of your depth, don't worry - Taxcafe's tax question and answer service is always on hand to back the guides up.  By submitting your entire personal tax scenario to us, for a small fee you will get a comprehensive, complete answer by a highly qualified tax advisor.  Full details and pricing can be viewed by following this link:

All of Taxcafe's tax guides are written by professionals in jargon-free English, and are fully up to date with the latest budget changes.

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