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Non Dom Tax Saving Tactics

This popular guide explains the UK non-domicile tax rules in plain English. It also reveals exactly how you can use your special status to save thousands of pounds in income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

The non-domicile tax rules contain several important exemptions that allow UK non-domiciled individuals to keep money offshore and tax free or make tax-free remittances.

Combined with other UK tax loopholes, non-doms and their families can still hold large overseas bank deposits, share and property portfolios and holiday homes and pay very little or no UK tax.


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What Information is Contained in the Guide?

Tax Saving Tactics for Non-Doms is absolutely essential reading for all non-domiciled people living in the UK. Subjects covered include:

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This information can now be found in:

Tax Planning for Non Residents and Non Doms

This unique tax guide shows you how to pay less income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax if you are non-resident or non-domiciled. It also includes a list of tax havens and countries that do not tax UK income. The new Statutory Residence Test is covered in detail, as well as how offshore companies and offshore trusts can be used to pay less tax.

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