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Tax experts charge up to several hundred pounds per hour for tax advice. Our guides are extremely affordable and contain lots of useful tax planning ideas.

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Which is the best guide for landlords and property investors?

how to save property tax

Definitely How to Save Property Tax Covers income tax planning (for example all the expenses you can claim), capital gains tax planning and stamp duty land tax. Continually updated and refined over the last 20 years after helping real landlords with their tax problems. Essential reading if you own your properties personally (i.e. not through a company).

using a property company to save tax

Another popular guide is Using a Property Company to Save Tax. This guide tells you absolutely everything you need to know about using a company to invest in property. Essential reading for existing company owners and those thinking of using a company.




I own a business, which guide is best for me?

Salary versus Dividends

Our two best guides for company owners are:
Salary versus Dividends - How to extract money from your company as tax efficiently as possible by paying yourself salaries, dividends, interest, and rental income. Also covers paying your spouse/partner and children, pensions contributions and capital gains tax.

Putting It Through the Company- Looks at dozens of different business tax deductions your company can claim.

Small Business Tax Saving Tactics

We also have a guide for self-employed business owners (sole traders and partnerships):

Small Business Tax Saving Tactics - This guide contains a huge collection of tax saving ideas, including all the expenses you can claim.


I want to know about inheritance tax

how to save inheritance tax

We have one comprehensive guide that tells you everything: How to Save Inheritance Tax.




I want to know about pensions


Again we have one extremely detailed guide: Pension Magic.


Recommended reading for all salary earners, self-employed business owners and company owners.






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