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Capital Allowances

New Tax Saving Opportunities for
Business Owners & Property Investors

By Carl Bayley BSc ACA

Capital allowances can reduce your tax bill significantly when you spend money on property, cars, vans, computers and literally thousands of other business assets.

However, big changes to the capital allowances rules are coming soon. These will affect all business owners and many property investors.

If you own certain types of property you can obtain tax relief on all the existing or new ‘integral features’ and other fixtures – plumbing, boilers and radiators, air conditioning, wiring, lighting, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, curtains and blinds, fire alarms and burglar alarms etc …Even swimming pools can qualify!

Literally millions of pounds worth of property capital allowances have gone unclaimed. Backdated claims can be made, going back to almost any point in the past… but these have to be maximised as soon as possible.

This guide explains what you must do NOW to lock in a huge number of tax savings and how to enjoy more tax relief in the years ahead.

It’s essential reading for:

the times

What Information is Contained in the Guide?

The Changes

Backdated Capital Allowances Claims

The Future

Property Investors

The second major set of changes will restrict capital allowances claims on property fixtures and ‘integral features’. The guide explains what you must do now and in the years ahead.



How to Save Property Tax


Capital Allowances is currently out of print.


However, all of the information pertinent to property investors is contained in How to Save Property Tax which is completely up to date for the current tax year. This guide also contains a huge amount of income tax planning information.


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