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Using a Company to Save Tax

By Dr Nick Braun PhD

Using a company could save you over 10,000 in tax every year... and possibly much more.

Why? Because a company paying tax at 20% will have a lot more money left to reinvest than a sole trader or partnership paying tax at 42% or 47%.

However, company owners also have to pay income tax when they extract money from their companies and the recent increase in dividend tax rates means that a company will not deliver worthwhile tax savings in every situation.

The 16th edition of Using a Company to Save Tax was published in September 2016 and is completely up to date (unaffected by the November 2016 Autumn Statement). It tells you everything you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks of using a company.

The guide is essential reading for:


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Two recent tax changes will have a big impact on company owners in the years ahead.

First, the corporation tax rate will be reduced from 20% to 19% in April 2017 and then to 17% in April 2020. This is great news for company owners who want to grow their businesses because they will get to keep more of their profit.

Second, the tax payable on dividend income increased significantly on 6 April 2016. This is bad news for company owners who extract most of the profit from the business.

The new edition weighs up these two big tax changes and helps you decide whether using a company is still worthwhile. It contains numerous tables showing the potential tax savings at different profit levels.

Although dividend tax has increased the guide also shows how company owners can control how much income they withdraw from their companies and avoid the higher tax rates that kick in when income exceeds 43,000, 50,000, 100,000 or 150,000. Company owners may also find it easier to split their income with other family members.

Other Important Tax Changes
Thanks to Entrepreneurs Relief it is possible to pay just 10% tax when you wind up your company and extract the remaining profits. However, a new anti-avoidance rule will make this tax planning technique more difficult in some cases. Full details in the latest edition.

Finally, the Office of Tax Simplification is currently investigating a complete overhaul of the way some small companies are taxed. The new edition contains the latest developments.

What Information is Contained in the Guide?

Like all Taxcafe guides Using a Company to Save Tax is written in Plain English and contains numerous practical examples and tax-planning tips. Topics covered include:

The guide also contains many useful tables which show the exact tax savings enjoyed by company owners at every profit level. These tables take account of ALL taxes: income tax, corporation tax, national insurance etc.

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About the Author

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Dr Nick Braun founded Taxcafe in 1999. Over the past 16 years the company has become one of the UK's best-known tax publishers and has won several prestigious business awards. Nick has been a specialist tax writer since 1989, first in South Africa where he edited the monthly Tax Breaks publication, and since 1999 in the UK, where he has authored several tax books. Nick also has a PhD in economics from the University of Glasgow, where he was awarded the prestigious William Glen scholarship and later became a Research Fellow.


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