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Which is the best guide for landlords and property investors?

how to save property tax

Definitely How to Save Property Tax it shows you how to pay less income tax and capital gains tax on rental properties. Continually updated and refined over the last 10 years after helping real landlords with their tax problems. It pretty much covers everything and is the UKs most respected property tax bible.

using a property company to save tax

Another popular guide is Using a Property Company to Save Tax. Companies are very attractive tax saving devices. This guide tells you absolutely everything you need to know about using a company to invest in property.



property capital gains tax

Interested in property capital gains tax? We would recommend Property Capital Gains Tax which has the clearest explanation you will find anywhere.


There is some overlap between this guide and How to Save Property Tax. If you only want one guide go for How to Save Property Tax.




I own a business, which guide is best for me?

keeping it simple

We have two excellent guides for self-employed business owners (sole traders and partnerships):

Small Business Tax Saving Tactics - This guide contains a huge collection of tax saving techniques for small business owners.

Keeping it Simple - This plain-English guide tells you everything you need to know about small business bookkeeping, accounting, tax returns and VAT.

using a company to save tax

To find out how much tax you could save by setting up a company we recommend reading Using a Company to Save Tax.



using a company to save tax

If you are an existing company owner and want to find out how to extract money from your company as tax efficiently as possible, we recommend Salary versus Dividends.


This guide also covers lots of other profit extraction techniques (eg splitting income with spouses, paying yourself rent and company pension contributions).

capital allowances

Capital Allowances can reduce your tax bill significantly when you spend money on property, cars, vans, computers and literally thousands of other business assets.




I want to know about offshore or overseas tax planning

non resident and offshore tax planning

Non-Resident & Offshore Tax Planning - best overall guide (recommended in a Times editorial).


This guide covers the new Statutory Residence Test.


It also contains a detailed section for non-domiciled individuals.




I want to know about inheritance tax

how to avoid inheritance tax

We have one blockbuster guide that tells you everything: How to Save Inheritance Tax.




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