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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is an affiliate?

A. An affiliate is someone who promotes Taxcafe's products in return for a commission.


Q. Why should I become a Taxcafe affiliate?

A. Apart from paying generous commissions our affiliate programme adds value to your website.

We will set you up with your own Tax Bookshop. This will let you sell all of our books and contains useful resources for your visitors.

You can also email us your own logo and choose what type of tax books to focus on, eg business tax books or property tax books.

Your Tax Bookshop is essentially a miniature version of our own site... but with your brand identity and focusing on the type of books your customers will most want to buy.

Click here to see a sample Tax Bookshop.


Q. How much commission do you pay?

A. Our commissions are much higher than most because we firmly believe in giving you the right incentive to promote our products.

Affiliates receive 30% of every sale, excluding VAT.

Most of our printed books cost £24.95 which means that affiliates will be paid £7.48 for each book sold.

So if a visitor to your Tax Bookshop buys 3 printed books (not uncommon) you will receive
£22.44 (£7.48 x 3).

How much income you earn depends on how many visitors your website receives and how much time you spend promoting your Tax Bookshop.

However, we have several affiliates who earn over £1,000 per month in commission.


Q. When and how will I receive payment?

A. Payments are made quarterly. We'll post a cheque and statement to you automatically.


Q. How can I keep track of my sales?

A. Once your application has been accepted you can log onto your affiliate control panel at and check your sales in real time. As soon as a sale takes place in your Tax Bookshop it will appear in your account.


Q. How do I link to my Tax Bookshop?

A. When your application has been accepted we will send you a welcome email which will contain a link to your customized Tax Bookshop. All you have to do is put this link somewhere prominent on your own website.

The welcome email will also contain a username and password to access your Affiliate Control Panel.

Your Affiliate Control Panel will also let you track your sales.