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Make Money Selling Taxcafe's Unique Guides

Our award-winning affiliate programme offers you:


The programme is free to join - all you have to do is complete a short application form. Once approved, you'll be able to start promoting your Tax Bookshop immediately.

Generous Commissions

Our commissions are much higher than most because we firmly believe in giving you the right incentive to promote our products.

Affiliates receive 30% of every sale. Most of our printed books cost £24.95 which means that affiliates will be paid £7.48 for each book sold.

So if a visitor to your tax bookshop buys 3 printed books (not uncommon) you will receive £22.44 (£7.48 x 3)

We have a number of affiliates who regularly receive four figure cheques.

Commissions are paid quarterly.

Customized Tax Bookshop

Our affiliate programme is designed to add value to your website.

Most affiliate schemes just give you some special links and then 'poach' your traffic. We don't believe in doing this. Instead we will set you up with your very own Tax Bookshop.

Click here to see a sample affiliate's website

With your very own Tax Bookshop you will be able to promote our products and earn commissions all under your own banner.

Once your application has been approved, please email us a banner image with dimensions of exactly 700x77 pixels in either jpg, gif or png format. This will replace the stock Taxcafe banner at the head of your tax bookshop.

Real-time Sales Tracking

Once your application has been accepted you will receive a unique web address for your Tax Bookshop. You will also receive login details which will allow you to track your sales in real time. In other words, when a sale takes place in your bookshop it will immediately show up in your account.

Award Winning Company

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Taxcafe UK Ltd has recently won a prestigious award at the Department of Trade & Industry Ecommerce Awards.

This award was for sales and marketing and, in particular, our unique affiliate programme.